Frank has helped me with my insurance needs for 4 or 5 years now. He works to find the right insurance for the current time. I needed better dental and he found it for me. I highly recommend Modern Senior Health & Frank Pfister.  

Amy M.

  Frank delivered everything we need, he did a good job 👏  

Tanya G.

  Frank has been a great help to us...he has been there to fight our fights, to help with the insurance company, to help search and connect us with our doctors, and to advise us regarding what is in our best interest. Frank is definitely a blessing in our lives.  

Pat C.

  One of the perks of having a Medicare Advantage Plan is that transportation is provided to Doctor/medical appointments via Uber. Great! Except when you need to speak with a person, ie., if your ride doesn't show up to take you back home. This happened to me last week, when after my MRI I was left without a ride and unable to get transferred to a person/representative. I called Frank, he got us on a 3-way call, and I soon had a ride home.  

Jeanne D.

  Frank has guided me through the medicare process and I appreciate his knowledge and detailed information.  

James T.

  It really felt more than just an exam, they demonstrated real concern and I had a good experience.  

Jose G.

  I have known Frank for years and he is the best! He is very knowledgeable and suggested the best Medicare plan for me. He explained it thoroughly, is always available to answer my questions and he truly cares about his clients. I highly recommend Frank as you will be receiving the best advice and care.  

Sheryl G.

  Frank builds a relationship with his clients to know what is most important to you in medical insurance.  

Elaine F.

  Frank has been amazingly responsive to any of our questions, and has also helped us with information for our grandson. He's not only a great agent, but a good and supportive friend.  

John W.

  Frank Pfister is an amazing agent! I suddenly found myself without health insurance. My family suggested I check out the Market Place but I found it a little intimidating. Frank took the time to go through all the options that were available given my upcoming health needs. He was very patient and understanding. He didn’t try to sell or force just any policy on me. He took the time to call the Market Place with me and helped me set up a new policy. In the end he found a much better policy than my previous one and helped me save a lot of money. I highly recommend Frank Pfister at Modern Senior Health!  

WR Hunter, Jacksonville Beach, FL

  Frank is the best at helping all of us get exactly what we need. He has been helping me for years. He knows which plans fit all my problems and what will save me money too. He will also check in with you and make sure you are doing well and the plan is working for you. Thanks Frank  

Barbara S.

  Frank Pfister, I met him when I moved to JAX 7 years ago and he gave me his advice, peace of mind and the Medical Insurance package that fits all my needs! Besides that he is always ready to help in any way. Best decision ever! Thank you Frank, thank you Modern Senior Health  

Carlos M.